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4. DGA-Interventionskongress und 49. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Angiologie- Gesellschaft für Gefässmedizin e.V.
Kongressthemen Aktueller Überblick über Wissen, Leitlinien und Behandlungsmöglichkeiten in der Gefäßmedizin - For Beginners and Experts!; Häufiges ist häufig, aber auch das Seltene kommt vor - Eviden....
Union Schweizerischer Gesellschaft für Gefässkrankheiten

The Union of Vascular Societies of Switzerland UVSS


The UVSS was founded in 1987 as an umbrella organisation between the Swiss Society of Angiology and the Swiss Society of Phlebology. In 2001, the Swiss Society for Vascular Surgery, the Swiss Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology and the Swiss Society of Microcirculation joined the Union. All members of the five societies automatically become members of the UVSS. Nevertheless, the five societies keep their autonomy. The UVSS is directed by a committee that incorporates the president of the Union, the secretary general, the treasurer, and the presidents of the five member societies. Goals of the UVSS include the advancement and standardisation of the treatment of vascular diseases, encouragement and support of clinical and experimental research and continuous education, but also the protection of interests of vascular specialists. The Union holds an Annual Congress with a General Assembly as well as additional scientific meetings and courses. In part, it is responsible of the examination and accreditation of vascular specialists. The publication organ is entitled Bulletin of the UVSS.
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